Leagues & competitions worldwide

Leagues & competitions worldwide

Combining strength! BowSim 4D archery training simulators and the 3D Skill Board competition app. Together with 3D Skill Board, am Austrian tech-star

Combining strength! BowSim 4D archery training simulators and the 3D Skill Board competition app.Some shots of the 3D Skill Board Team

Together with 3D Skill Board, am Austrian tech-startup we are braking new ground in 4D archery competitions. After a few meetings in beautiful Austria in August 2019, the deal was closed. Here more about where we are heading together and what our customers are looking forward to.

About 3D Skill Board

For years, the ambitious developers have been delivering an archery app that enables the evaluation of complex 3D competitions and other archery events. With over 25,000 users worldwide, the app is a success story in a new generation of athletes. The basic, and very capable version of the app is available free of charge on your smartphone. For a small fee additional features are packaged into a premium version. Check your AppStore and download it to your Android or ISO device now. Just search for 3D Skill Board.

The competition app for BowSim 4D4D leagues with the BowSim 4D bow cinema

A large section of the current content of the BowSim 4D units is already compatible for scoring with the app. Our first customers are already using the app and helping us with great feedback. After the initial testing period we are releasing new user tutorials in September. The goal is that initially you can use the app to battle with the the intire content of your BowSim 4D archers simulator.

Competitions and what you can expect in the future

Of course, our customers are invited to organize their own local competitions. Be it a meeting every Wednesday or a one off event. But it gets even more exciting. Soon you and your customers can even take part in regional, national and even international competitions. With the new partnership we want to further revolutionize the indoor archery experience.

A map of the 3D Skill Board Course WikiAn free entry in the Course Wiki map and directory

If you already have BowSim 4D Bow Cinema running, get a free entry to the 3D Skill Board Course Wiki, a directory people use to find the nearest archery centres. For your entry please contact us or the team of 3D Skill Board.

Even if you don’t own a bow cinema…

Even if you don’t have access to a BowSim 4D bow cinema, you can train with the app indoor and outdoors every day. Simply download the app and start measuring and improving your performance.

Questions about the app or how best to use it without Bowsim 4D?

Contact us or the friendly team at 3D Skill Board.


Harald Bettin – BowSim 4D team