Projectors and 4D Targets in the US

Projectors and 4D Targets in the US

Good news for customers in the US and Canada Indoor archery range owners that want to upgrade to modern archery range technology can now purchase hig

Good news for customers in the US and Canada

Indoor archery range owners that want to upgrade to modern archery range technology can now purchase high quality, self-healing 4D target walls specifically designed for BowSim 4D.

While BowSim 4D has been offering packages that include 4D target walls and projectors in Europe for years, we were unable to offer the same service to customers in North America. It just didn’t make sense to send these items around the world.

The new relationship with Pacific Bow Butts, a striving family business from Washington delivers the service we have been looking for. Karl started the business over 20 years ago manufacturing targets from straw ratio compression. Their targets quickly became popular in clubs and business and are now used by customers in all 50 states and Canada.

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Pacific Bow Butts knows FOAM

Karl realized early that the foam targets available were not up to the standards he was looking for, so after 4 years of research and development a “NEW AGE” ” POLY U 360″ target foam was developed with the highest tensile strength (tear resistant) in the industry. In 2018 we started to work with Karl and his team to find a custom solution that addresses the high expectations of our US customers. The efforts paid off.

While customers still receive their BowSim 4D technology directly from Germany where it is made, they now have a local target expert for advice and high-quality backstops made in the US. Give Karl a call or drop him a line.

Watch an unboxing video of one of our German customers. English subtitle.

Purchasing projectors

Just get it all sorted! Customers that want it easy are also able to purchase their projector directly with their 4D target. If quality is important to you this is the most convenient way to get up and running with Europe’s most popular technology for modern indoor archery ranges.

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Karl Plato

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South Bend, WA 98586-880

How long does it take to get setup?

Ordering BowSim 4D

We prepare your unit for shipping as soon as we receive the order through our online store. Most international customers prefer to pay via credit card, but other payment options are available. Generally, it takes about 2 to 5 business days to get the necessary import/export paperwork sorted and your unit on the way. It arrives on your doorstep in an easy to handle box (under 20 kg) via DHL. A manual and tutorials within your unit will guide you through the easy setup and installment process. No special IT skills are required. The shipping from Germany to the US or Canada should not take more than 2 weeks. Priority shipping can be purchased for urgent deliveries.

Ordering a 4D target and projector

If you choose to order a high-quality target and/or projector from Pacific Bow Butts please contact Karl today. Depending on the demand and stock available your order should arrive within 2 to 4 weeks.

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You are welcome

Just as at Pacific Bow Buts, we at BowSim 4D are a small team and want you to succeed. We are happy to give you advice on target materials and will help you to check all the boxes when looking at buying a projector.

Upgrading your indoor facilities to a modern indoor archery range is an exciting step. And it is easy!

We hope this article is helpful. Please contact us or Pacific Bow Butts for more information.


The Pacific Bow Butts family

A family business - Pacific Bow Butts

Pacific Bow Butts is proud to be a family business. A great story.