Training Content

High quality content for better training

A 4D bow cinema with lame content will not get anyone excited. This is why delivering high-quality content on a regular basis is crucial to our success and the success of our customer’s businesses.

Our customers

If you become a BowSim 4D customer you will get access to a huge database of great quality training courses, digital games and 4D animals from around the world. In addition, we provide new content every month so your BowSim 4D unit will get better and better. Check out the below videos to see some of the content that already comes loaded to your unit.

Updates include

  • 4D animals
  • Dragons
  • Dinosaurs
  • Fantasy creatures
  • Moving FITA targets
  • Flying fireballs, falling rings, dart boards and lots more.

How is new content delivered?

You find an update button within your interface. Once this button is activated your unit will connect to our server and download all new content. Anything new will be loaded directly into the right directories ready to kick of the experience.