4D Targets

4D Target solutions for your archery cinema

When training with BowSim4D arrow will distribute evenly across the target. This makes them almost maintenance free for their entire lifetime. Depending on the product you choose the target should outlast between 100 000 and 300 000 arrows before requiring maintenance. This makes 4D Targets a very cost-effective solution for your commercial indoor archery range in comparison to traditional targets where arrows hit the same area over and over again.


Even with heavy use, the below target options should last well over 10 years for most customers without requiring repairs or replacement. Target blocks can be turned around or shuffled to increase their lifespan. Replacement blocks can be purchase if required.

Target Systems available in the US and Canada

For any purchases of BowSim 4D products or targets please contact:

Pacific Bow Butts – www.pacificbowbutts.com

  • Call Toll-Free 24 Hours a Day: (877) 642-4989
  • Email: sales@pbbts.com
  • 613 Montana St  South Bend, WA 98586-880 
  • Mailing Address P.O. Box 880  South Bend, WA 98586-880

Target System available in central  Europe

Premium tongue and groove stacking system

Easy to stack and durable tongue and groove foam blocks that build a solid and well-connected wall. Suitable for recurve and compound bows. These blocks are extremely long-lasting and can be extended if a larger target is required. The individual blocks can be strapped together with tie-downs or held together by a wooden frame.

Specs 3×2 meter targets

Thickness: 30 cm
Sheets size: 6 pieces each 100×100 cm
Durability: We expect this target to withstand at least 100 000 arrows.

Specs 4×2.5 meter targets

Thickness: 30 cm
Sheet size: 8 pieces each 100×100 cm and 4 pieces each 50×100 cm
Durability: We expect this target to withstand at least 150 000 arrows.


4D Target HJL 1 4D Target HJL 2 BowSim 4D Target